We run restaurants that are fun, delicious and welcoming. We also believe that fine dining restaurants should be inclusive spaces, where all guests and workers are treated in a fair and equitable manner. 

 In 2016 we partnered with ROC United to pioneer a Racial Equity Program, a systemic approach to the systemic problem of implicit gender and racial bias in fine dining. Through standardized ways of hiring, training and advancement, we are working to open opportunity to everyone. We hire from with ROC’s CHOW classes, and also from re-entry programs run by organizations like CEO.

 In 2011, in partnership with Sasha Skon we founded The Cooking Project, a non-profit that teaches basic cooking skills to youth who didn’t grow up with access to healthy food. This year TCP will grow nationally, in conjunction with Colors restaurants in Oakland, New York City and New Orleans.



We believe that a heart centered business must also focus on technical excellence. We take pride in providing the best possible dining experience, and we are serious about our ingredients, both where and who they come from. Our restaurants work with small, artisanal farmers, ranchers, distillers and winemakers in search of the most distinctive and delicious flavors we can find. 



We are pioneering a new kind of business model, based on people as well as profits. We think that a sustainable restaurant should be built around a sustainable work environment. We think that centering the contributions and values of communities that have historically been excluded from fine dining creates a more vibrant business. From modern Arab fine dining to California soul food, we create fresh and exciting fine dining experiences. 


Bar Lead Carmen Martinez at Dyafa, Oakland, CA

Sous Chef Walter DeLeon & Chef Nigel Jones at Kaya, San Francisco, CA